Saturday, February 25, 2012


WARNING: this post is LONG. 

Now that I've sorted through my photos from Europe, I can share my trip with you! Instead of boring you with the 160 photos of the beautiful sights in Paris, Prague and Copenhagen, I saved the highlights: the FOOD. 

First stop, Paris: 

After a long flight, our friend Selim greeted us at the airport with some beers, and brought us back to his apartment for a home made dinner. Pictured above: babaganoosh, rice, and turkey kebabs.

While in Paris we made sure to stop for crepes and churros near the Place de la Bastille.

We visited Monmarte, and I snapped a photo fo these irresistible treats in the window. 

 ... and of course we took the time to stop in a candy store.

Off to Prague...
The highlight of food in Prague is definitely on the street. Sausages, hot wine, hot chocolate, and my favorite, Smayzeny, which is basically a fried cheese sandwich. All of it was so good after miles of walking and lots of beer.

Speaking of Beer...Pilsner, Pilsner and more Pilsner was had. My favorite beer.

And then Jamie brought me to Pivarsky Club, a restaurant we saw on the Prague episode of Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations. They have the largest selection of beer in Europe, and you order meat  by the kilogram. We enjoyed a few beers, bacon dumplings and an incredible pork knuckle. Don't knock it until you try it! 

Bacon Dumplings
Pork Knuckle (before)

Pork Knuckle (after)

While in Prague, it is important to drink the obligatory Absinth. Here it is, all aflame:

I didn't see any green fairies, but it did get me feeling buzzy.  The last stop in Prague was some goulash, and more bacon dumpling. Mmmm....

And then to Copenhagen...

We enjoyed a good amount of the local Carlsburg and Tuborg brews. I had a hearty burger and fries the first night. We met up with some friends and had many schnaps, bitters, aquavit, etc. I don't know what you want to call it, but we had it! 

After a full day of touring and visiting the Carlsberg Brewery, we found a cozy bar called Von Fressen, and enjoyed some hummus and open sandwiches (smorgasbord?).

I don't think mine was very traditional, but it was delicous: pancakes, grilled goat cheese, beets, walnuts and maple syrup.

Jamie enjoyed break with ham, cheese, peppers, pesto, etc. Both sandwiches were soo good!

You can't go to Denmark without having dessert! Pictured below are a traditional danish pastry, along with some cakey, chocolatey strawberry goodness. We also had waffels with soft ice cream. mmm. 

And that is my trip in food. For more about my actual trip, feel free to hop on over to The Happy Shopaholic.

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