Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glowing Green

So one of my bridesmaids broke her jaw on New Year’s Eve and had to have her teeth wired shut for four weeks.  What a nice start to the year, right?!  Like me, I’m sure you’re wondering if she was KO'd in the midst of valiantly defending someone.  Well, according to her, it went something like this...5 inch heels + too many cocktails + pavement = broken jaw.  It sounds like an angry piece of roadside curb jumped out at her or something.  Poor thing.

I digress.

The reason I’m telling you that unfortunate story is because she quickly found out that when your jaw is wired shut, you cannot eat like a normal person.  In fact, it is a four-week liquid-only diet (I still cannot believe how she got through that)!  Therefore – she quickly found herself immersed into the world of Ensure and green juices.

Fresh off my cleanse and having just received my shiny new juicer as a late Christmas gift – I was also in the market for some good juice-making.  That is when she introduced me to her favorite – and now my favorite – green juice in the whole world: Glowing Green.

Spinach (2-3 cups)
Romaine (4-5 stalks)
Celery (3-4 stalks)
Pear(s) (1 or 2)
Apple(s) (1 or 2)
Squeeze of fresh lemon

Glowing Green (Yum!)

Juice in that order, swirl a bit, top off with lemon squeeze and a fun straw and you get this delicious, nutritious and refreshing Glowing Green beauty! I like my juice extra green, but if you prefer something sweeter you can add more fruit or reduce the amount of veggies. Don't forget the lemon, it helps with the alkalizing effect, and is great in helping to detoxify the liver and kidneys.

This is a great light breakfast, post-workout snack or refreshing addition to any meal. (I also used it as part of a hangover cure one morning, which I think helped too!)