Friday, February 24, 2012

Triple Hot Chocolate Teaser

Hello bloggies! I'm back from Europe in one piece! I had an incredible trip. We went to Paris, Prague and Copenhagen. I ate (and drank) my way through the cities, and still managed to lose some weight form all the walking! 

I have a lot of photos to sort through, but in the meantime I thought I would leave you with this:

Triple hot chocolate. There is nothing like a warm cup of chocolatey goodness when it's cold and rainy outside! I was daydreaming of this drink that I had in Copenhagen while sipping on bland watery office hot chocolate today. Baresso, the "Starbucks" of Denmark if you will, serves up steamed milk with three sticks of chocolate (I think they were white, milk and dark). Stirring them around and watching the chocolate melt is half the fun! 

I should have brought some chocolate sticks home with me but Baresso, like Starbucks, was CRAZY expensive.

I promise to share more from the trip soon!


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