Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mionetto Mixology Masters Challenge: Vote for WhiteTea Bulger

A colleague of mine recently entered the Mionetto Mixology Masters Challenge in hopes of winning a VIP trip to Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit, a Private VIP Tour at the Mionetto Winery in Italy, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Sounds pretty sweet right? Well you could win that trip to Vegas Uncork’d too, just by voting. And what better beverage to vote for than the WhiteTea Bulger: a combination of sweetened white tea, Jameson Irish whiskey (my fav!) and prosecco?

I pose two challenges to you lovely readers:

  1. Go vote for the WhiteTea Bulger, and pass it on to anyone you know who likes a good drink.
  2. Try the recipe out this weekend!

 I love this recipe for a few reasons:
  • The ingredients are simple and easy to find. No funky purees, beverage “flakes” (what is that?!), or rare liqueurs. The white tea and Jameson are actually already in my kitchen.
  • The procedure is also simple, making it easy to concoct while entertaining – there are just 5 quick steps to prepare.
  • The flavor combination sounds natural and enticing. The tea and whiskey make it the perfect beverage to kick-off a night out, but the prosecco screams, “Hey! Forget the mimosa at brunch and drink me!”
  • The name is clever. Here is the “inspiration” for the drink, courtesy of mionettomixology.com:

Whitey Bulger, one of America's most wanted for decades was the inspiration for this Boston-born cocktail. As the city's most notorious crime boss, his spirited 20+ year run from the law took him around the world. Borrowing from the locations of Whitey’s many known hideouts; the “WhiteTea Bulger” marries the effervescent sweetness of Italian Moinetto Prosecco and the naturally sweet and slightly malty flavors of white tea with Whitey’s hometown favorite – Irish whiskey. Together, they combine to create a delicious and easy-drinking cocktail that packs an Irish punch.

WhiteTea Bulger
Photo courtesy of mionettomixology.com

- 1.5 oz - Prosecco
- 1.5 oz - Sweetened White Tea
- 0.5 oz - Jameson Irish Whiskey (or Irish whiskey of choice)
- Slice of lime

- Combine sweetened white tea with Irish whiskey in ice-filled    shaker.
- Shake well
- Pour into martini glass
- Top with Prosecco
- Squeeze lime slice and garnish glass

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