Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding Tasting

So I’m less than five months away from being a married woman (!).  I’ve already been through seven glorious months of wedding planning, color picking, dress choosing and check writing.  Finally, about a month ago – I got to the fun part – food eating!!

We had our tasting at my wedding venue in Lake George and it was one of the most amazing foodie experiences I’ve ever had.  The fiancé and I really got the 5-star treatment.  Ironically, in many ways, the food we ended up tasting and ultimately choosing, are very much in line with past and present goals and recent foods of the month here at FGF!

First off, most or all of the ingredients the talented chefs at our venue use are seasonal (remember our March “eat seasonably” goal??), which makes everything more tasty and more colorful.  Many of the foods are also locally grown, which adds to the freshness factor.

The stationary hors d’oeuvres we chose are visually fancy and fun foods that you could easily replicate at home for a party, snack or light lunch.  We will have a ‘celebration of tomatoes’ selection that will include mini grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters, mini pizzas and other similar tomato-type comfort finger foods.  We’ll ALSO have an array of fancy deviled eggs with all sorts of fillings from lobster salad to spicy hummus to cheesy spinach.  This would be a perfect snack or appetizer for this month’s food of the month!!

We went on to try a few salads and then our entrees for the reception - everything was amazing - here are a few photos and descriptions of what we enjoyed and what you could use as inspiration for cooking at home:

Heirloom Tomato and Burratta Micro Basil, 25 yr old  Balsamic, pine nut florentine.

Petite seasonal lettuce, Ice Wine Poached Pear, Gorgonzola Cheesecake, Candied Walnuts, Red Wine Vinaigrette.

(right to left)
Truffle-honey Glazed Chickon, Roasted Shallot Jam Marsala Butter.
Grilled Filet of Beef Tenderloin, Mushroom Confit, Minus 8 Scented Veal Jus.
Swordfish La Plancha, Bouillabaisse Butter, Ratatouille Vegetables.

This whole experience was really inspiring and made me want to get fancy and colorful in the kitchen!  What is your favorite colorful, crafty meal?

Feel good!

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