Monday, May 5, 2014

90 Miles from Cuba: Foodie Trip to Key West

So this past month has been a busy one with both work and play -- it all feels a bit like a blur with what has felt like one massively long Winter here in NYC, up until maybe a week ago! it's finally beginning to feel a bit more like Spring now, but that was definitely not the case as recent as mid-April.

There is just one reason...and one reason only that my sanity has been saved amid such a long, cold, brutal Winter...Key West.

Ahhhh the Keys!  I knew it would be warm, sunny, laid-back and perfect -- but what I didn't know was how many "at-home" foodie experiences we would enjoy, which was awesome!  We were a house full of 8 girls (for my girlfriend's bachelorette bash), which means that cooking was not only a blast, but a team effort (and might have included a cocktail or two!).  We also had some pretty great foodie (and cocktail) fun out of the house too!

The photos really speak for themselves though --

Night 1 started at the house with mussels in a white wine-lemon sauce,
followed by peppers stuffed with ground turkey.

The next morning, we used pepper, ground turkey and veggie leftovers
for a massive, delicious frittata!  One of the girls shared that it's an Italian tradition
in her family to cook breakfast with last night's leftovers = genius! (and delicious!)

On one of our morning walks, we discovered a local who sold cold, fresh coconuts!
Absolutely delicious -- Vita Coco has nothing on this guy! ; )

We also stumbled upon this gem.  I am now addicted to Cuban coffee.
If you've ever had it, you know exactly what I mean <3

Before heading back to the house before the night, we HAD to pick up some local fish for dinner!
Steamed over veggies in the oven = perfection.

One of my absolute favorite things (other than Cuban coffee!) from Key West =
The Key Lime Margarita.
You cannot imagine how amazing this is until you've had one.

Another sweet treat was a smorgasbord (and special surprise for the Bride!)
at this INCREDIBLE dessert restaurant,
appropriately-named, "Better Than Sex".
We all literally had sugar hangovers after this one -- but so worth it.

Champagne, chocolate-rimmed coffee glass, and Irish Cream.
'Nuff said.

Back at the house, we had an easy cooking night towards the end
of the trip to use up what we had and got creative with different versions
of flatbread pizza's on the grill.  So easy, and so deliciously fun and creative too!

One of our 'last suppers'.  Burgers & corn on the grill,
lots of laughs & love around the table, food for the soul.

A meal? Or a Bloody Mary?  Both!  This was one of our last stops
just before Seven Mile Bridge, as we road-tripped the 3-hour drive back
for our flight home from Fort Lauderdale.

Not only was the food amazing, but the sunsets were to die for.
Everyone from all over Key West gathers at sunset to celebrate
watching the sunset go down together at the end of Duval Street. 

Food & friends = The perfect foodie trip!

Here's to more foodie field trips this year -- Feel Good!


P.S. Missing fellow foodie blogger Christina in this trip, but trust us -- there are more foodie field trips to come, stay tuned! ; )

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