Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shiro's Sushi & Lola: Seattle Twosome

As New Yorkers, we eat a LOT of sushi.  We should have a completely separate budget set aside apart from rent, groceries, etc. and include a 'sushi fund' in the mix.  That said, we certainly have our share of sushi experiences to compare from - and last night that was deliciously put into practice.

After a full day at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, we had met enough locals that after asking 'where's the best sushi in town' over and over again, we knew where to go: Shiro's.

If you've every watched the Netflix documentary, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" (just watch it), you'll know that anyone who has studied under the 'Godfather of sushi,' Jiro Ono, has undoubtedly become a master of the craft in their own right - and Shiro is no exception. A two-time James Beard nominee, Master Chef Shiro Kashiba brought his sushi skills and years of grueling apprenticeships from Tokyo to Seattle.  In 1967, Shiro opened Seattle's first full service sushi bar.

During last night's sushi experience, we discovered the delicate, buttery complexities that Shiro is famous for - and Jiro dreamt of.  Dreamy slices of elegantly-laid fish made us pause between each sushi piece and reflect on the flavors that were swimming through our senses.  It was, in a word, blissful.     

Tako-su (Octopus in miso vinaigrette) appetizer

Omakase (chef's choice)

(The best) Miso soup (I've ever had)

Our special treat: tempura shrimp head
(actually very delicious!)

...But we couldn't just end the night without a little something sweet.  After we came out of our sushi haze, we headed over to Lola, a Tom Douglas creation.  The renown Seattle chef and restauranteur, has ten restaurants throughout Seattle and Lola is best know as Douglas' Greek's inspired restaurant.  Thought the food receives rave reviews, it's perhaps most famous for it's doughnut dessert: pillowy sweet squares paired with mascarpone and apricot preserves.  We had to try them of course, and they didn't disappoint. We also laid into the decadent Chokolata: a rich dark chocolate confection layered with turkish brittle coffee ice cream, spiced caramel, explosive chocolate pearls, topped with a chocolate macaroon. Essentially a chocolatey, spiced, party-on-a-plate.

An epic dinner finished with an epic dessert.  If this was our first full night in Seattle, I can't wait to see what else is in store for this foodie weekend!

Chokolata & Doughnuts

Feel Good,

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