Sunday, December 7, 2014

Soho's Worst-Kept Secret: Chalk Point Kitchen

The weather in NYC is officially cold, Winter is exactly two weeks away and we're right smack in the middle of holiday season.  All to say, Christina and I have both taken up hibernating in a very serious way lately. This has been great for cooking at home with the chilly weather inspiring us to turn on our ovens and use our stoves, but can't say we've really ventured out to try any place 'new and exciting' lately.  That is, until a few weeks ago, when we stumbled upon a little gem just a few short blocks from our office: Chalk Point Kitchen.

Now, there's a part of us that secretly hopes our co-workers happen not to see this post...because we'd really like to keep this place all to ourselves.  Working in Tribeca/Soho, there are countless trendy and exciting options for lunch, dinner and drinks - but there are certain spots you just always keep going back to...that everyone always keeps going back to...

But we wouldn't mind if we kept coming back to Chalk Point Kitchen. It's quickly becoming our new neighborhood spot that has the perfect cozy, inviting ambiance that is second only to the mouth-watering farm-to-table menu and freshly-squeezed cocktails. 

From the outside, it feels completely unpretentious and almost beckons you to come in through it's dramatic, reclaimed wood doors.  The rustic feel continues inside with a design that is decidedly 'vintage farm house'.  Intimate lighting and antique market finds from Upstate New York and Pennsylvania all have their own place on the walls that give the room character - and yet still feels fresh and uncluttered. The 'fresh' feel is complimented by herb gardens heated by "grow lights" along the perimeter of the dining room that are actually used in CPK's cocktails.

The food is a mix of locally sourced, seasonal, sustainable and organic products and, wow, is it delicious!  Check out a few of the menu items we can't wait to come back for:

New Orleans Style Crab and Avocado: flavorful with lime and old bay, generously chunky & fresh, paired sesame crisps.

Union Square Cauliflower Steak: salty tahini against sweet golden raisins with the perfect al dente texture.

CPK's signature Kale Martini.  
You can have your kale and drink it too!
Incredibly refreshing (think cucumber martini), balanced and easy to drink.

Classic Butterscotch Pudding with vanilla ice cream and duck fat popcorn.
It's amazing how well butterscotch, vanilla and popcorn go together!
Fun, inventive and so, so delicious we were licking our spoons!

Feel good!

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