Monday, May 11, 2015

Pera Soho: 'I Woke Up Like This.'

Amazing news... Spring has sprung! It's official, the Winter wardrobe is in hibernation, the A.C. has been dusted off and rooftop bars are in full swing during both lunch and dinner. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that we may have skipped Spring all-together and went from Winter to Summer. Well, I for one, am NOT complaining!

That said - just a few short weeks ago I finally took peek over the 15ft fence of nearby Mediterranean restaurant, Pera Soho.  I had been keeping an eye on this little corner of Soho at Broome & Thompson since it first opened in December 2012. You can never be too sure how long a new spot will stay around, no matter how inviting it may seem. Admittedly, I was a bit discouraged by some mixed reviews when Pera first came on the scene -- but it's amazing what a place can do when they seem to really listen to the feedback of their patrons to turn things around.

Because, well, they seem to have it easy. A perfect location; gorgeous, relaxed outdoor space; professional, attentive (but not too attentive) service; well-made cocktails and a tapas menu (among their very attractive main dishes and sides) that makes you want to try everything.

After peaking into the modern, chicly-dress inside of the restaurant that seemed to be trying just a little too hard - it almost seemed as if the outdoor garden space was the more relaxed, 'I woke up like this' yang to the dressed-up inside's yin. I have to say, we were definitively feeling more 'yang' than 'yin' that day. 

The menu items we chose also seemed to be a mix of unfussy goodness vs. food art, which was fun to try. I wouldn't say each item was necessarily a culinary explosion of flavor, but the menu was decidedly Mediterranean in the sense that it had what you'd want and expect: a solid hummus platter, side of seasoned fries and perfectly charred octopus. This was juxtaposed by items such as the beet and goat cheese dip, which was almost too pretty to eat (and even more delicious), but then we were thrown by our lamb dumplings, though pretty too, left us wanting more flavor and lamb than the artistic dumpling shapes on our plate.

That said, we would absolutely come back for the lovely cocktails, dependable Mediterranean items, great service (which seems to have improved immensely after certain 2012 reviews...) but most of all, the sexy and sweet outdoor garden - which will always have us coming (out) back for more.

Char-grilled Octopus

Season Fries

Lamb Dumplings

Beat Goat Cheese Dip

Here's to a hot summer, cool nights and plenty of outdoor Soho goodness (and gardens)! ; )

Feel Good!

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