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Welcome to Feel Good Foodies, a blog about food, and daily activities surrounding food, that make us feel good. While we strive to be health-centric, this 'feel good' notion may not always mean ‘healthy,’ but we believe that all good things are accomplished with balance. We can have our salad and our Cronuts too.

We are two New York City girls who are working to enhance our nutritional knowledge and around-the-kitchen knowhow. This blog is meant to document and share our foodie explorations, nutritional liberation, and recipe acquisition. Meet your Feel Good Bloggers:

Christina Marcus

Alycia Mayhew

We met on our very first day of work almost four years ago, during orientation. We bonded over pizza slices at lunch, our very first meal together, and have been close friends ever since. As our friendship developed we realized our shared passion for healthy living, cooking, and exploring the city’s culinary offerings, and in January of 2012 we decided to channel that passion into Feel Good Foodies.

We are taking on 2014 with new-found vigor to use FGF to not only help inspire others to make balanced everyday choices with food, but write about the endless possibilities of foodie experiences both at home and when dining out. We plan to increase our work regarding nutritional awareness while also continuing to bring to life, in our own way, all that New York City (and other cities in our travels) have to offer.

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The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the bloggers and do not necessarily reflect positions of our employer or of any other affiliation.

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